The Question

When I was younger my dad and I would play chess together. It was one of the ways we bonded and spent time together. He would never let me win because he wanted me to actually think and try to use strategy. I loved playing chess and I loved looking at all the different kind of pieces used to play. Then I discovered that there are thousands of different themes and designs for chess sets. When 3D printing was first introduced to the public I thought it would be really cool to design my own chess pieces.

I’ve always been intrigued by 3D printing and now I would like to know how it can be used in the classroom in an innovative and educational way. I think that the designing process would be a fun way to teach students using the STEM program. Twitter account @mystemkits is a good place to start learning about using the program in school. Teaching them that there is a process to building something.

I focused on looking for any classes that have used 3D printing for any reason. Many of them use a 3D printer to create classroom manipulatives and others are just making anything they want. I found an article by Richard Byrne that provides quite a few ways to use this program in elementary schools. I also searched for some places to follow and found @3dprintingorg and @DiscoveryEd. DiscoveryEd wasn’t specifically for 3D printing but it did have a few tweets about it, and some other resources for teachers.


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