Resource List/More Questions


Resource Bank

Twitter: @3dprintingorg@mystemkits

Websites: MakerBotPrinting Systems

Blog: Kathy S. Blog, Edutopia

More Questions

  1. Why use 3D printing in K-12 schools? What are the benefits/cons?
  2. How to use 3D printing in schools? What are some lesson plan ideas?
  3. Which subjects can 3D printing be used to enhance or teach?

So far most of my research to answer my questions about 3D printing have been articles about how it is an innovative process for students to learn. Other searches have lead me to advertisements that again give the pitch that using their printers in the classroom is fun and educational too. After changing search words from “3D printing in school” to “how to use 3D printing in school” and “why use….” I found more interesting articles about ways to use the 3D printing program in the schools and even some lesson plans. I think its a pretty good start. What I plan to do next is to go through some of those lesson plans and see which ones are actually “innovative” and extend thinking instead of a fancy art project. — Not to say art projects aren’t great for the kiddos, but I am searching for a more substantial use for a 3D printing in schools.


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